Our systematic examination of almost 15 years of peer reviewed evidence shows that urban green space can support healthier births, reduce morbidity, and decrease stress (see report: Green City: Why Nature Matters to Health – An Evidence Review ).  But it’s community stories, like Tish Carnat’s, that reveal the heart hidden in the science.

Tish Carnat’s door to door hunt for a donated plot of land, to start a small urban garden for her students, exemplifies the health and healing that can come from the fraternity of soil, plants, water and committed human beings. More than a place to gather and grow food, this garden helps tether together a critical undergirding of support to newcomers in Canada.

The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts, as this community shows us how to harvest  kindness, humanity, safety, laughter, belonging …..and yes, bushels of  food!

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review commissioned by Toronto Public Health